Golden Gate Village

A program of the Richmond Senior Center

Helping each other age in the neighborhoods we know and the homes we love.

Golden Gate Village connects seniors and our neighbors living in the Richmond district of San Francisco, to help each other continue to live in our homes as we age.

What are Villages?

Villages are a grassroots effort to address the unfolding challenges of an older America. Originally started a Boston neighborhood in 2002, the Village concept arose out of community members’ desire to reside in their own homes while being able to access services that address their changing lifestyles as they aged.

Golden Gate Village has three simple components:

Activities & Events: It organizes activities and events to support connectedness, health, learning and friendships.

Volunteer Services: Provides volunteer services to help with social connection, transportation, errands, light household maintenance, and technology help.

Referrals: It connects members to a range of service providers.

Senior IndependenceCore Principles of the Village Model

  • A mission to help people remain in their community and in their own homes by providing support and enhancing
    their quality of life
  • Consolidator of services—“One call does it all” service provider
  • Strong consumer investment
  • Strategic partners in the community
  • Volunteers and Civic Engagement